Forever young

To be more childlike, you don't have to give up being an adult. The fully integrated person is capable of being both an adult and a child simultaneously. Recapture the childlike feelings of wide-eyed excitement, spontaneous appreciation, cutting loose, and being full of awe and wonder at this magnificent universe.


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Artist Statement

In my most recent work, I take look back on my past and what inspired me to become an artist. As a child art did not have any rules; you didn’t have to color in the lines and you can pretty much do whatever feels right. The child inside of you knows how to take things as they come, how to deal most effectively and happily with everything and everyone it encounters on this planet. If you can recapture that childlike essence of your being, you can stay 'forever young at heart.


Focus on capturing the spontaneous childlike emotion: the excitement of youth and the wisdom of age. The artwork will surely brighten your mood and bring your inner child spirit to life.

“It's not about what it is. It's about what it can be.” Contemporary street Artist Cadu takes the audience to a magical world filled with bright colors, symbols, letters and familiar cartoon characters in a way that has never been seen before.